Natalia Zaragoza Photography



I never imagined that I would become a professional photographer one day. It all started by chance in 2005, when my Italian photographer friend asked me to assist him for a wedding photoshoot. After that, there was another wedding, and then another one… and so I became caught in the process of capturing that spirit of celebration when two loving souls become a single whole. I have realized that I was doing something very beautiful and important, by helping people to keep those precious memories forever. Step by step, I have discovered and learned many interesting things about the art of photography, as well as videography. Then, in 2007, I started my own business.

I was born and raised in Latvia, but spent most part of my life in Italy and the US. My mother tongue is Russian, and I also speak English, Italian and Spanish, which help me in my work with people of different national and cultural backgrounds.

I live in Los Angeles with my husband and my youngest son. I love watching movies, reading, singing and acting. In fact, sometimes I also do acting work… why not, right? Here is Hollywood!..

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