Natalia Zaragoza Photography


Los Angeles,Italia – Film,Fashion and Art Fest 2009

It was the 4th Annual “Los Angeles,Italia Film,Fashion and Art Festival” in February 15-21, 2009 founded (2006) and produced by my Italian friend Pascal Vicedomini. The Festival was hosted by Hollywood & Highland Center, as last years. There were daily screenings and Red Carpet at Mann Chinese 6 Theatre. There were a lot of Italian movie- and TV- stars on the Red Carpet, among them Maria Grazia Cucinotta, Tony Renis, Massimo Ranieri, Christian and Brando De Sica, Franco Nero, Valeria Marini, Simona Ventura, Giulio Base. Also some international stars did the honour to be on this event – Mark Canton, Dennis Hopper, Mickey Rourke, Malin Akerman, Christian Slater, Brigitte Nielsen, Sophia Milos, Paul Haggis, and others.
Following the previous high-fashion exhibits, “Los Angeles,Italia 2009” presented designs by famed stylist Rocco Barocco, for the first time in California. The famous Italian actress Maria Grazia Cucinotta has visited his exhibit, as well “Giorgio Armani” in Beverly Hills (many years she is the “face” of G.Armani trade mark).
During the Festival, Italian restaurant “Trastevere” (Hollywood&Highland Center) hosted festival’s guests for the dinners and private parties.

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